Wednesday, May 21, 2003

1. What were your expectations?
My expectations were that this course would make me more confident in various aspects of my life. This includes home, work, social as well as relationship areas. I hoped that this would ultimately give me greater direction and enable me to be a better decision maker.

2. What are they now?
My expectations now, half way through the course is that as a result of completing this course I will be more confident in new social environments, speaking in front of groups and handling difficult people. This will be through understanding my own strengths, others suggestions and using them to my advantage.

3. What did you learn? ie. content and e-learning
I learnt about my own opinions, attitudes and strengths and how they can help me in personal, interpersonal and group situations.
In terms of e-learning I have learnt the following things so far:
* Because of the way that the work was broken up with activities, quizzes and into sections, I wasn't intimidated by the amount of work to get through. If I had undertaken a learning project like this by myself via other means eg. books the amount of reading would intimidate and unmotivate me
* Because there was no one checking my work I was less likely to do those things which I thought were irrelevant or I couldn't see the point to. There was no accountability therefore no motivation to do all things to the best of my ability.
* If I disagreed with the content and wanted to talk about alternate approaches, there was no one to talk to about it. No one to discuss or brainstorm with. I found this annoying as my learning style is to talk with others about the theories and their validity.
* I love the fact that I can do it at my own pace, i do it when, where and how much I want. However if something else comes up I become easily distracted and decide to do it at another time. The fact that there is a deadline to finish the course and submit the assignment is a big motivator for completing the course.

4. What would you recommend?
I would recommend doing e-learning with an accountability partner if it isn't something that you REALLY want to learn. Also have incentives to help motivate you. Even though my course was something I wanted to do, I still would have appreciated some things that would have helped motivate me.