Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Having read the Subject Outline, what are your expectations for this subject?
I am expecting this subject to bring together all that we have learnt in the previous e-learning subjects to show us what we will ultimately be using these skills we have acquired for. I am expecting alot of group work and to learn alot about how I work in groups.

What do you think about working in a collaborative team for this subject?
I think because so much of our work will be undertaken in gorups once we are out in the workforce, that it is a great idea however much I cringe at the prospective conflicts and issues which may arise.

How do you anticipate the team process will work?
The team comunication process hopefully will run smoothly, however I believe there may be conflict not only between the various roles as they go through the process but also within each member as they try to adhere to the roles they are given.